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LesleyThanks Rich for holding this space with such wonderful rhythm. I look forward to joining you and the wonderful people in this circle for some warm holiday reflection.


  • Rich MuscatelloHeartfelt gratitude for your comments Lesley! Thank you for being part of our "wonderful people!!!

Rich MuscatelloHello again everyone! I have been asked by a few of you about whether or not we will be sitting on Saturday mornings around Christmas & New Years. The answer is YES we will be sitting together each Saturday in December and January. Hope to see you!


    Rich MuscatelloOh and dont forgot, there will be no meditation class this upcoming Saturday 11/30/13. You get to sleep in!


      Rich MuscatelloThanx to all of you that attended the videocast of Pema Chodron's workshop this weekend and for your donations to the Pema Chodron Foundation!


        Rich MuscatelloUpdate for the 11/22-11/23/13 video showing of Pema Chodron's "Walk the Walk" retreat weekend teachings can be found here:


          Rich MuscatelloAre you interested in watching Pema Chodron's "Walk the Walk: Working with Habits and Emotions in Everfday Life" workshop (8 hours) at SportsFocus sometime between 7 PM on 11/22 and noon on 11/24? If yes what hours between that can you be available?


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                Boy things can change!!  Physical Therapy has now been considered essential by NY State.  To keep our staff as well as our patients safe, we will be reopening, but on a very limited basis.  Each therapist will be reaching out to all their patients by phone to assess their situation and decide whether to either manage over the phone/video, or if needed, a shortened one on one visit in the clinic to assist them.  We will be seeing New patients for evaluation and instruction in home program with follow up level to be determined.   Please call the office that you are currently a patient and leave us a message with the best time to reach you so the appropriate person can get back to you.  

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