At SportsFocus Physical Therapy, the process begins with an introductory interview and active listening to our patients as you tell us about your physical symptoms, functional complaints and goals. This is promptly followed by a thorough physical examination and evaluation to determine the possible root causes of these complaints. Based on our interview and examination results, we then explain in detail to our patients and answer your questions in language that can easily be understood, regarding the nature, significance and prognosis of our clinical findings, as well as the rationale behind physical therapy intervention.

This is just the introduction of offering active listening, comprehensive examination and meaningful education to our patients, as these elements are a common thread that connects each visit with us throughout your episode of care with us.

And the word “care” is an important one to the Staff at SportsFocus. We feel that this practice is indeed one where caring and effective results meet. We don’t simply regard our patients as a collection of complaints to be remedied, but as a “real live person” to share physical therapy care with, to aid in your healing and recovery from the physical issues that may interfere with living your life in the manner that you wish.

Our physical therapy care centers around customized, evidence based therapeutic exercise interventions. Some of this therapeutic exercise will be performed at home, school or your health club, and others are designed to be performed specifically while at our facilities. This type of active care is designed specifically for each patient based upon our clinical findings, physical capacities and goals, and intended to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Simply put, physical therapy at SportsFocus is centered upon our wish and intention to be of benefit to every patient who is kind enough to choose our practice out of the many other choices, for their physical therapy needs. We aspire to be of benefit by not only being professionally skillful, effective and efficient, but also by being caring, supportive and compassionate as well.



You can see a Physical Therapist without a physician prescription under most private insurances.  

New York State allows for 30 days or 10 visits before you would need to have a prescription from an MD.

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