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Sonia Walker

“So my left knee was all whacked from the 3rd week of June to the end of the summer. The MD thought it could be a meniscus tear, but with school starting I wasn’t going to have surgery. So we started with a cortisone shot and physical therapy. I went to physical therapy and sure enough there was a back connection. I love it when Dee Pugliese can figure out how to strengthen my back and make my knee stronger. No more fears of my knee giving out. With back and knee strengthening I am back up to normal!!! AND NO SURGERY!!!”

Cheryl Bolden

“My first opinion was that I did not think anything was going to work for me. I did not have any confidence in my self. Ryan and Katie gave me my confidence and my willing to work at the different exercises on the days I was disappointed with my progress. They instilled in me that I could do better or do the best that I can. Ryan and Katie are wonderful at their jobs and I would recommend SportsFocus for anyone who needs physical therapy. They are very patient with their clients. I have the highest recommendation for the both of them and the whole staff. I will truly miss coming here, but I will be back soon after my next knee surgery. Keep up the good work everyone, you are one in a million.”

Neale Suttcliff

“I am a 43-year old female who never experienced knee pain prior to this year. Earlier this year, I began to feel pain in my right knee as I descending several flights of stairs. Not long thereafter, the pain presented with just a few stairs, walking long distances and standing up from seated position. Fearing something serious, I saw a orthopedist who diagnosed me with patellar tendonitis. Fortunately, it was not a serious diagnosis, but one that required physical therapy to strengthen the area around the patella. I was given a list of physical therapist downtown and selected SportsFocus Physical therapy on Virginia St, mainly because it was within walking distance of my apartment. I made the right choice!!! The PT Robert, and PTA Katie, designed an exercise program for me to complete twice a week at their location supplemented with at home exercises. The program was challenging, but not overwhelming. One of the things I most appreciated was how much time the staff invested professional and personally in my progress. Katie was especially helpful in talking through the exercises while also being a great conversationalist on all subjects from music to travel. I appreciated how flexible they were with rescheduling appointments due to work or other conflicts. By the end of the two month program, I was back to 100% functionality descending stairs, walking and standing up without pain. I would highly recommend SportsFocus to anyone looking for dedicated and knowledgeable physical therapy staff.”

Sonia Walker

“I loved my experience here at SportsFocus. The whole staff was welcoming and always ready to help. I came to SportsFocus fresh off ankle surgery and was excited to get working! Dee immediately designed a plan for me to regain my strength as quickly as possible. With all of Dee and everyone else’s help, I can happily say I’m back in the pool ready for my high school swim season!”

Terry Martin

“Before coming to physical therapy, I had trouble with just about everything involving my legs, from walking to just standing. After learning the exercises I was able to get around and even rethought the idea of spinal surgery. I would recommend physical therapy to anyone before surgery now. Especially considering I was a non-believer in physical therapy. Now I am fully in agreement with physical therapy.”

Brian Nelson

“Dee is a body whisperer. I have been able to avoid neck surgery for years with one of the worst cases of C2-C7 surgeons have ever seen. Dee was able to take the pain away within a short period of time and when it flares up her maintenance is a must. She changed my life for the better”

Marcine Howard

“How could I forget the great crew of healers that bent me back to a better place – I will remember you all, THANKS!! THANKS!!!!”

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