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Spine Care Practice

A results-based Health and Wellness Program for individuals with the desire to create a Healthy Lifestyle Change.

Research has consistently shown that exercise is the one treatment that is effective in both prevention and treatment of chronic disease such as Arthritis, Heart Disease, and Diabetes.

General Description of the Program:  After consulting with your physician, an individualized exercise program is designed based upon your needs. A pre and post fitness assessment is done such as testing your walking endurance or doing a low level strength test.

Depending upon your preference, you may exercise at home, in your own health club or in our clinic with more individualized supervision.

An initial and subsequent progress report is then forwarded to your physician.

Program Components:

  • Pre/post fitness assessment
  • Education on benefits of exercise and nutrition in relation to health and wellness
  • Endurance training
  • Strength training
  • Balance training
  • Flexibility training

Staying Active Can Help You:

  • Improve your strength and endurance to maintain independence as we all age
  • Increase your energy level
  • Improve your balance
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. and potentially reduce healthcare costs
  • Enhance mood/ reduce depression

The opportunity to maintain and improve your activity level is available after completion of the “Well & Fit” program through offerings such as our “Keep it Going” program.

Let us help you get moving…

Consult with your physician to secure medical clearance and recommendations for exercise.

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Extended Care "Keep It Going" Program

An Approach to Post-Rehabilitative Maintenance and Fitness at our Orchard Park (Southtowns) Clinic

When you’re a patient at SportsFocus Physical Therapy, your care doesn’t have to end when you complete your supervised rehabilitation program. With our “Keep It Going” program, you’ll have the opportunity to maintain your rehabilitated status while promoting general conditioning in a high-quality exercise facility you’re familiar with. One that’s staffed by healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable about orthopedic and medical conditions. The Extended Care program is an opportunity for the patient who has completed his/her supervised rehabilitation program and desires to continue exercising at our Southtowns Clinic.

Our “Keep it Going” program may also be used as pre-season conditioning for a specific sport or recreation with a goal of improving performance and /or reducing the risk of injury.

What do I need to get started?

You will need to do three (3) things to start participating in the Extended Care Program:

  • Obtain a prescription for maintenance exercise from your original referring physician.
  • Obtain a medical clearance to exercise from your general/family physician.
  • Sign a waiver from SportsFocus Physical Therapy.

How is Extended Care paid for?

Extended Care is an out-of-pocket service typically not covered by your insurance company.

Fees are: $8.00 per visit – or – $60.00 per month of unlimited visits.

How do I get started on an Extended Care Program?

To initiate an extended care exercise program, contact Jim Kuberka to schedule an initial consultation in which he will review your medical history and discuss your exercise goals.


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